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Pembroke Lakes Falls Wedding Sneak Peek


This is a very special session since it’s my niece, the first baby girl in our family. They actually met because of my husband. He got her an internship where he worked at and made it a point to tell all the single men to stay away from his niece. Well, obviously one of them did not listen!!!! Most people think he was trying to be protective but the truth is he was scared of my sister. So of course they kept things on the down low. When I first met him it was by accident and I immediately called my sister and told her they were going to get married. Yep, I had that same feeling I had when I met my husband. I believe in fate and in love at first site and it was an honor to share this day with them. Oh and to prove how much I believe in this I asked my husband to marry me after dating six weeks.

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